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There are a variety of options for you to explore as you consider buying a digital copier. Chandler Copier Sales knows that copy machines get lots of use and need to be equipped to meet the demands of business. It’s a delicate balance between getting a copier that has time saving and updated features, and not purchasing something too large or with too many features you won’t fully utilize. This is where our product specialists can help. Choose from models with automatic document feeders, high volume black and white or color output, sharp images and advanced collating. If your existing copy machine is not user friendly, your employees won’t use it. Contact Copier Sales in Chandler for access to top of the line digital copy machines. Today’s printers offer network printing, faxing, sorting, scanning and emailing capability. Chandler Copier Sales has many options for automated document feeders, saving employees from having to manually lift and lower the copy lid. Your business will also need to determine the right size copy machine for your office space. If you have a large commercial operation, you’ll want a larger copy machine that can take on large print jobs without needing to refill paper. For smaller operations or departments with a handful of employees, a smaller copier with basic features may be more appropriate. Contact copier sales in Chandler for a quote today!The U.S. photocopier market is expected to exceed one and a half million units by the year 2015. Advances in technology mean that today’s photocopiers make flawless images, electronically transfer files and can outlast traditional copiers. New energy efficient copy machines can be an excellent investment for your business. You’ll save on your power bill, ink cartridge replacement costs and paper. You’ll also save on the cost of having to ship repro jobs out for collating and binding. Purchase a new copier from Chandler Copier Sales and take advantage of wireless connectivity to your entire computer network.



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